Our Story

Meet Trinity

Imagine an orphan girl. We’ll call her Trinity. After a horrible tragedy in her family,
the most prominent family in the community takes her in. The leader of that family,
the person she trusts most in this world, later betrays her so deeply that she runs to the hills to hide. She makes her home inside a cave and learns to garden. As she tills the soil, she finds colorful rocks and smuggles them into the city where she sells them to the local Shaman. When she discovers an abandoned ATV in a shallow ravine, she fixes it up and travels farther and farther into the hills to dig even more beautiful treasures.

Imagine writing this story and feeling pulled to the hills to find your own treasures.
This is I how felt writing the story of Trinity. So I withdrew my savings to buy an
ATV, a trailer, and of course a pickup truck to pull it. Along the way I met generous,
kind people who showed me where they’ve found treasures, and I collected more
minerals than I knew what to do with.

So I bought lapidary wheels and a silversmith’s torch, and learned how to use them from YouTube videos. I then took my handmade jewelry to farmer’s markets to sell them.

My daughter was so inspired by Trinity that she also learned how to make jewelry
and joined the adventure.

We decided to call our business Sayari (which means Planet in Swahili) Designs by Trinity and opened a store in a wonderful coffee shop called Affogato where
amazing people gather to share their stories.

Now, back to finish Trinity’s story…

Meet the Trinity team:

Lisa's love of Sayari (Mother Earth) was born and nurtured in her youth while exploring the hills and valleys of Wyoming's Big Horn Basin. After high school she pursued the traditional path of earning a bachelor's degree in Education. After graduation, she married Greg Leach of Tacoma, Washington, and for the next 20+ years she taught a variety of subjects in both public and private schools in Washington State while raising their four children. During this time she fell in love with Africa. Her need to explore led her to Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania where she studied Swahili. (Sayari is a Swahili word.) She now lives in Utah with Greg and their dog, Daisy the Double-doodle. She left teaching behind so she can explore Sayari full-time and work with her daughter, Sami to create beautiful designs inspired by the treasures they find.  
Samantha (Sami) Colson was born and raised right outside Seattle, WA. She has always been passionate about keeping up with the latest trends and aesthetics and has a sharp eye for what styles people will love. Sami takes care of a lot of the "behind the scene" stuff such as social media marketing, maintaining the website, product photography, customer interactions, and even modeling the jewelry. She also creates some of Sayari's handmade designs herself. 
 Mother Earth is the third and most important member of our team because She is the source of our inspiration and resources for the designs we create. We are in awe of her beauty and abundance. The word Sayari comes from the ancient Bantu language of Swahili meaning Planet. Our goal is to visit and explore as many places as we can while collecting ethically sourced gemstones from around the world.
***All photo credit goes to the amazingly talented Greg Leach Photography. You can find more of his work on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.